Questions for Your Hearing Care Professional

The following is a list of hearing aid questions for parents and caregivers to ask your audiologist or other hearing care professional to ensure an optimal fitting process for your child.

Are these hearing aids Behind-The-Ear (BTE) devices? Are they recommended for my child’s age?

There are different types of hearing aids on the market, for different types of hearing loss and for different age groups. The hearing aids you select should meet your child’s specific requirements for safety, style, and audiological features. Getting accurate information on hearing aids is important as not all are intended for children’s use.

Do the hearing aids have a direct audio input (DAI)?

A DAI is necessary for linking the hearing aids to FM systems—the wireless transmission system that is mostly used in schools and especially in difficult, noisy listening environments to improve speech intelligibility.

What about the costs for the hearing aids and the fitting?

Does your health insurance pay the costs? How much do you have to pay for the hearing aids and the accessories yourself? Are hearing aid batteries included or do you have to buy them separately? Are there available payment plans?

Are there any child-specific accessories available?

Child-specific accessories might include a clip to attach the hearing aids to the child’s clothes to avoid getting lost, or a maintenance kit with accessories to help keep the hearing aids clean and working.

How about colors?

Children enjoy lively, playful colors. A hearing aid in the child’s favorite color is easier to accept. The opportunity to choose the color of their hearing instruments supports a child’s psychological ownership.