Preparing for School

When your child reaches school age, you will be faced with decisions about selecting a school. Ask your hearing care professional for support and advice on how to help your child focus in the classroom. You may also contact your local schools for information concerning suitable schools.

Contact suitable schools and take time to talk to the teachers. Here are some questions that you may ask:

  • Does the school have experience supporting children with hearing loss?
  • Does the school have special support teachers for children with hearing loss?
  • How many children with hearing loss are there in the school?
  • Does the school provide an FM system for hearing loss?




Girl with Hearing Aid in School

Provide the school and teachers with as much information as possible about your child and his or her hearing aids. The teacher needs to be familiar with the basic functions of the hearing aids—the volume control, number of listening programs, and FM system. It is also important to provide the school with extra batteries for your child’s hearing aids. The more you help those responsible for kids’ education understand your child’s special needs, the better they can respond.