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Welcome to Our New Blog


We would like to welcome you to our new blog! Going forward, it will feature articles of interest to current and potential hearing aid wearers, including insight into what makes hearing aids tick, all the great features they have you may not know about, helpful how-to suggestions for the use and maintenance of your devices, and much more!

While we ramp up the blog, please take time to explore our website, as you will find a lot of helpful information throughout. Here are a few suggestions:

We would also love to take suggestions from you on what you would like us to address in future blog posts. Please share your ideas in the comments below.

Rules for Commenting: Please limit your comments to the blog topic at hand. If you need to contact us about a product, technical issue or other experience you’ve had, use the contact form. We reserve the right to delete off-topic, abusive language, spam, or other comments deemed inappropriate. Have fun!

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