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Smart Hearing Aids Introduced at 2015 CES


We took the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by storm this year when we formally introduced the world to our new line of smart hearing aids.

CES is the largest technology convention in the world. It is held in Las Vegas, Nevada annually and during its four-day run attracts thousands of “techies” and members of the press. Attendees are treated to sessions covering emerging trends, what’s new, and what’s coming next presented by top executives and experts. They can also explore the enormous show floor, where high-tech businesses from around the world show off their cutting-edge technology — from automotive electronics to wireless devices, and everything in between.

The buzz at the show this year surrounded “wearable technology”, so it’s not surprising that our new smart hearing aids received a lot of attention. These highly-intelligent devices automatically detect a wearer’s listening environment (such as a crowded, noisy convention center) and adjust themselves accordingly, so the wearer can hone in on just what they want to hear while unwanted noise is suppressed. When paired with the new easyTek™ and easyTek™ App, the wearer can manually control the direction of the hearing aids’ microphones to focus on speech coming from their front, back, left, or right. Wearers can also adjust the span of the microphones’ focus to select a wide range or a very narrow beam.

Several reporters and bloggers were given the opportunity to try out our smart hearing aids and learned first-hand how they can actually help wearers hear better than people with normal hearing in demanding listening environments.* The media has had a lot to say about our smart hearing technology — you can read all about it in our roundup of our CES 2015 coverage.

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