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Signia FAQs for Consumers


So…what should I call you now?

Rather than Siemens, our hearing aids and accessories will now be known as Signia. You will see the Signia name used on our new consumer website, newsletters, and in the names for our social media properties. Also, any emails you receive from us will now come from

How is the new brand, Signia, different from Siemens?

Our premium brand, which has evolved over our 130-plus years of experience as Siemens, has simply reached the next stage in its evolution. As Signia, they will remain part of our comprehensive portfolio of advanced hearing solutions. Our development team has a wealth of knowledge and experience they will use to continue creating life-changing technologies. Over the coming years we will leverage the best of both brands, which is why we will dual-brand our hearing aids — one side will be marked “Signia” and the other “Siemens”. You will continue to benefit from all the best qualities you’ve come to expect from Siemens ― advanced technology, quality, and reliability ― while as Signia we present a more human, emotional, and connected brand in our communications and marketing.

Does this mean Siemens hearing products no longer exist?

As announced in our press release from January 2015, we have an agreement with Siemens GmBH to continue using the Siemens brand to develop, market, and sell hearing products over the medium term. Therefore, the Siemens brand name will appear on our hearing aids alongside Signia until further notice.

How will these changes affect me as a consumer?

In terms of technological innovation, quality, warranties, repairs, services, and support nothing will change. Our goal with Signia is to better connect with a wider range of people who would benefit from our products, leveraging our online and social marketing channels to appeal to this broader audience.

Will my hearing aids still be made with Siemens components?

Yes, everything in the manufacturing of our products will remain the same. When you see our website and other marketing materials, you’ll notice the “Siemens hearing systems” logo. It lets you know that you can remain confident in what always made our products great ― advanced components, robust casings, and high-tech design.
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