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Real People – Real Stories


We put a lot of effort into letting you know how great our products are —using words like “comfortable”, “discreet”, “effective”, and many other positive descriptors to convey how using them can improve your life. But as canny consumers know, the best way to figure out if a product lives up to its marketing hype is to hear about it from an actual user who is willing to share their experience. This is why we love receiving and sharing feedback from actual Siemens hearing aid wearers.

Testimonials from people like you

We like to present these real-world experiences as “snapshots” —vignettes about the people who use our products and how they have been helped. These are not composites of typical wearers, but real individuals who were so satisfied they wanted others to know how wearing our hearing aids improved their lives.

Here are just a few of the snapshot testimonials we have available currently from users of our hearing products:

We add new snapshots periodically throughout the year, so even if you’ve seen all the ones on our website right now, please keep checking back for more.

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