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Name that President


In honor of Presidents’ Day this week, we challenge you to a quiz on US presidents with connections to hearing health. Please provide your answers in the comments. We’ll reveal the correct responses in next week’s blog post, along with congratulations to whoever has the most right answers.

  1. Name the two 20th century presidents who were fitted with hearing aids while still in office.
  2. Which “bullish” US president had hearing loss in his left ear?
  3. This wife of America’s 30th president taught deaf students. Name her.
  4. Who were the two assassinated presidents with connections to Gallaudet University?
  5. True or false: Helen Keller met with multiple US presidents, up to and including Lyndon B. Johnson.
  6. Which eventually-disgraced president signed the Rehabilitation Act to give better services to the deaf?
  7. Name the president who signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law?
  8. Name the 19th century president whose silhouette was painted by deaf artist James H. Whitcomb, and who himself lost his hearing later in life?
  9. True or false: Although he suffered many diseases and illnesses over the course of his life, George Washington never lost his hearing.
  10. Which president wrote, “My hearing is distinct in particular conversation, but confused when several voices cross each other, which unfits me for the society of the table?”

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