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Making it Easier for Hearing Aid Wearers to Use the Phone


Even people who are not hearing impaired can have difficulty conversing on the phone in noisy surroundings. For hearing aid wearers, it can be almost impossible. But technology is now available to help you hear telephone conversations clearly, regardless of the environment in which you take a call.

Several of our hearing aids feature a new Adaptive Streaming Volume function. During phone calls, it factors in the level of surrounding noise then automatically and instantaneously adjusts the volume of incoming speech signals. This makes the person on the other end of the line much easier to understand.

Direct transmission of sound makes listening easier

Linking our smart hearing aids, which include Pure®, Carat™, Motion®, and Insio™, to telephones is effortless, thanks to our easyTek™ accessory. Sound is directly transmitted into your hearing aids without you having to hold the phone to your ear. This not only permits hands-free telephone use―especially helpful when using a cell phone―but prevents feedback as well. You can also hear your caller’s speech in both ears, which improves sound quality and makes listening easier.

Automatic volume adjustment improves understanding

Because we use our mobile phones to call from virtually anywhere, ambient noise like splashing fountains or traffic often makes understanding speech difficult. Adaptive Streaming Volume activates automatically and works in tandem with easyTek to instantly adjust the volume of incoming speech to account for ambient noise levels. Internal tests have shown this makes it much easier to understand the person on the other end of the phone.

There is no need to adjust easyTek, even when transmitting music or using the VoiceLink™ conference microphone. The streaming signal is singled out from ambient noise at all times―even in extremely loud noise (e.g., at a construction site).

One automatic function among many

Adaptive Streaming Volume is one of many automatic functions available in our current crop of smart hearing aids. They automatically register your acoustic situation. They know your personal settings for various situations and adjust themselves automatically. None of these features require any effort on your part. In fact, the only thing you’ll probably notice is that you can hear better than ever before.

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