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Tips and Tricks for Vacationing with Hearing Aids


Thanks to Dr. Leanne Powers for her article on which this week’s blog post is based.

Believe it or not, hearing aids can actually make traveling easier! You may think your hearing aids will make vacation travel more complicated, but the opposite is true. For example, consider the time you may spend in airport terminals or on a museum tour struggling to hear announcements over the loudspeaker or straining to listen to a tour guide.  The advanced technology in hearing aids allows you to hear these things even better than the average tourist.

However, it is important to remember that your hearing aids need to be protected and maintained during travel, to ensure they work well for your entire vacation, and beyond. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when planning for your next trip:

By following these tips, you will be ready to fully enjoy your next vacation and take advantage of the benefits of wearing hearing aids. Safe travels!

Click to read the complete article for more detailed suggestions and advice about traveling with hearing aids.

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