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Hear Better for the Holidays


The December holidays are a time of social gatherings, especially at offices. Most employees will find themselves attending at least one boisterous event in the coming weeks. But it can be hard to enjoy these festive celebrations if you cannot hear well, especially in noisy conditions that make it harder than ever to understand conversation. So what can you do to participate and have a good time this year?

What office parties are like for people with hearing loss

If you have untreated hearing loss you probably know all-too-well how bad it feels when people ignore you, waive off your requests to repeat themselves with a “never mind”, or talk to your friend as though they’re your personal translator (“does Dan want another drink?”). You may understand why they leave you out of conversations during social gathering (because you know you can’t understand most of what is being said over all the ambient noise) but it still leaves you feeling a little like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer―left out of the fun.

This year can be better, though. You can enjoy conversations, laugh at jokes, and participate fully in the office holiday shenanigans again―if you address your hearing loss instead of continuing to ignore it.

Take control of your hearing

The first step is making an appointment to have your hearing tested, unless you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss. In that case, it’s time to talk to your hearing care professional about getting hearing aids.

Smart hearing aids detect and analyze your environment and then automatically adjust themselves to optimize your listening experience. So at the next holiday party your hearing aids will sense where speech is coming from and direct their microphones toward it, while also suppressing background noise. In addition, they optimize the quality of this speech to make it easier for you to understand what someone is saying to you.

Don’t struggle through another office party because you can’t hear or understand what co-workers are saying. Take steps to improve your hearing ability today!

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