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Drive Safer with Hearing Aids


Mobility and independence are important aspects of daily life, especially for older people who rely heavily on their cars to get around. Most us take it for granted that when told our vision has deteriorated we should wear eyeglasses to compensate, yet don’t always apply the same logic to wearing hearing aids. However, hearing often declines as we age along with our vision, and can be just as much a concern when we’re behind the wheel.

Hearing well while driving is critical

People with impaired hearing may miss important warning sounds, such as sirens, car horns, or bicycle bells, or they may hear them but have difficulty figuring out where they’re coming from. This can lead to uncertainty as to how best to respond — pull over, change lanes, or brake — which can lead to accidents. Drivers often only have seconds to respond to ever-changing roadway situations and delays due to hearing loss can result errors neither drivers nor those around them can afford.

Our new crop of smart hearing aids, including Pure® and Carat™, exchange audio signals, meaning whatever the built-in microphones hear they share between themselves, just like your ears do naturally. When fitted in pairs, they can therefore mimic the natural hearing process, allowing you to hear sounds outside your car and better identify from where they’re coming — behind, from the side, or in front. Additionally, they help you inside the car by automatically muting most unimportant background noise and automatically focusing in on speech, allowing you to chat easily with front and backseat passengers. This way you aren’t distracted from the road by having to concentrate heavily to hear and understand what the folks in your car are saying.

So if you’re having difficulty hearing keep in mind driver safety is yet another good reason to get your hearing loss treated as soon as possible!

Do you have trouble figuring out where sirens are coming from while driving or difficulty understanding passengers over other car noise? Let us know in the comments.


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