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Free Hearing Aid Sweepstakes Ends Dec. 20!


To celebrate the season of giving, Sivantos is right in the middle of The 12 Days of Hearing Sweepstakes, a contest that is giving away one free pair of award-winning Siemens binax smart hearing aids each day for 12 consecutive days. These binax hearing aids are valued at up to $6,000 per pair.

Once selected, each of the 12 winners will be referred to a local hearing care professional, where they can choose from a variety of Siemens behind-the-ear (BTE) or receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) style hearing aids that best meet their degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and cosmetic preference. This includes new smart hearing aids that can be controlled via the wearer’s iPhone® or Android™ device, which were unveiled at the 2015 International CES.

The 12 Days of Hearing Sweepstakes runs until 11:59 EST on December 20, 2015. For more information and announcements, please visit the Siemens Hearing Aids USA Facebook page.

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